Hundreds of Tacks Placed on Deer Creek Canyon roads

By Victoria Sanchez, KUSA, 9 News

It didn't take long to see why as thumb tacks by the dozens were spread along a section of Deer Creek Canyon Road, west of Chatfield State Park.

Bob Keller is an avid cyclist and often rides Deer Creek Canyon Road with his son Robby and friend Michael Mendik. He knew early on that Sunday's ride was going to be a little dangerous.

Four of Keller's friends warned him they all got flat tires.

Thumb tacks littered the road and shoulder. There were 49 in just one section alone and nearby, a piece of the 100-count pack they came in.

“They’re all shiny and new and it’s an absolute shame," Keller said.

Dave Evans, founder of the cycling advocacy group Bike JeffCo, said this is not a new occurrence.

“We hear about one of these every two or three years. Nobody’s ever been caught because obviously it’s very difficult to find the person but these do happen and obviously tacks are the Achilles heel of a bicycles tires," Evans said.

Bike JeffCo works to be the voice of road cyclists and increase safety. One of the big issues they deal with is what they call an ongoing feud between cyclists, drivers, motorcycle riders and residents along the narrow road.

“Not all cyclists abide by the rules but that’s not a way of proving a point," Keller said.

Cyclist Jen Barnhart and three other riders found 15 tacks in their tires early Sunday morning and couldn't finish their ride. Barnhart said one cyclist had to ride down the hill and bring a vehicle to pick up the rest of the group.

Keller avoided a flat this time and hopes everyone can learn to share the road.

“A lot of other ways of getting your point across than doing something like that," he said.

The Bike JeffCo founder told 9NEWS he went back up the road Sunday evening and found another 40 tacks. The group will discuss the situation at their next meeting on Aug. 9.

“When we hear things like this it kind of leaves a nasty taste in your mouth,” Evans said.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is aware of the tacks. There's no word on any suspects at this point.

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photo by Jen Barnhart

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Real courageous to dump your

Real courageous to dump your little pack of tacks on the road for the cyclists to flat. That's what a real man does: go to safeway, buy the ultimate anti-bicyclist weapon, a.k.a., the thumb tack, preferably at a discount, and under cover of darkness in your pickup truck, dump them on the road, snickering all the way home, proud of your dirty deed done dirt cheap. We should salute the individual(s) who did not hesitate to hide to - at a minimum - greatly inconvenience - or hurt cyclists, they showed the courage of their convictions.

Your bias is showing - ain't

Your bias is showing - ain't nothing wrong with pickup trucks. I guess you're not aware of the long history on that road of one particular driver harassing cyclists for years, driving an old green Subaru wagon. Imagine, the ultimate CO greenie-leftist car being used to harass cyclists. Irony.

Yep, I've been screamed at by

Yep, I've been screamed at by a fellow in a Subaru for not riding in the gutter (how dare I sit at a red light in the left portion of the lane while waiting to turn left). D-baggery comes in many different packages. Whatever vehicle was used by the perpetrator, spreading tacks on the road is NOT OKAY.

No I am not aware of the long

No I am not aware of the long history on that road? Nah, I only live 5 miles away lol. One of my former team mates got hit by a car there a few years ago so lay off. I've been out on roads all over Colorado and pickup trucks top the list of harassers, rolling coal, throwing shit, yelling "faggot", "get off the road", etc. Maybe YOU drive a pickup and feel defensive?