High Plains - Greenbelt - Community Ditch Loop

Yesterday at lunch the 303cycling staff decided to dust off the singlespeeds, both mountain and cross, and give some Boulder County trails a try.

We parked in Superior for the start of the ride. The route was as follows:
Coalton Trail -> High Plains -> Greenbelt Plateau -> Community Ditch Trail -> Cowdrey Draw Trail -> 66th St (Right or Left and back to Superior)

This is a partial section of the Dirty Bismark

We rode south down McCaslin on the famous Morgul Bismark course to the Coalton trail which heads west for a nice view of the foothills before turning south. The Coalton is connected to the High Plains trail and is a nice stretch of singletrack. High Plains then drops down to the Greenbelt Trailhead at CO 128 and Highway 93.

We then headed North on Greenbelt Trail where the bike path like conditions allow you to take in the awesome views. Greenbelt connects to the Community Ditch Trail which has a dramatic overlook of Marshall Road and allows you to ride two abreast. We finished up the trail riding on the singletrack Cowdrey Draw Trail which comes to a "T" at the Koppenberg course at 66th St. Finally, we turned left and followed the Koppenberg course back into Superior. If work wasn't calling, we would have turned right and taken the Koppenberg course in reverse back to Superior for some more time on the dirt.

Whether it's a new trail or an old bike you haven't ridden or a combination of the two, it's great to just get out and ride!

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Y'all is 100% correct. That is, unless you choose to use the less common variant ya'll. You must be from Vermont or something. Or maybe you just cling to archaic language structures. English is a living/breathing language, that's why it works so well in a regionally and ethnically diverse country. If you want language purity stick to French where a group of old farts sit around and decide what is acceptable to add to the language...and discard most foreign influences. French fries anyone?

Hey Anonymous moron, Who

Hey Anonymous moron,
Who gives a crap about your grammar rant?! A poorly written rant at that.
Answer: no one of any value.

David, Thanks for the review. I'm looking forward to trying the trail. I had no problems understanding what you meant and looking past a couple leaps of grammatical faith. :D