High Plains - Flatirons Vista - High Plains

I have been getting into mountain bike lately. I forgot how much I loved mountain biking. From where I work I can easily get to the trails around Superior (i.e. Colton, High Plains, Community Ditch etc.). Not the most technical trails but still tons of fun. My goto loop lately has been the Dirty Morgul Bismark. On my single speed I can do that loop in a little over an hour.

Today I parked at the small trailhead at the intersection of the Coalton trail and High Plains right off of Hwy 128. I headed west on the High Plains trail. This trail drops gradually down to Hwy 93. This section of trail is one of my favorites. It is a really nice section of singletrack with a good mix of really smooth to the omni present Front Range rocks.

At the trail junction of High Plains and the Greenbelt Plateau I crossed Hwy 93 and got onto the Flatirons Vista North and headed west. This section of trail is a two track. There is a short hill in the beginning and then flat after that.

When I came to an intersection where I could head down into the Dowdy Draw I stayed to the left. This trail turns into the Flatirons Vista South and completes a loop. From there I cross back over Hwy 93 and headed back up the High Plains Trail.


  • Distance = 9.5 miles
  • Elevation Gain = 695 ft.
  • Max Elevation = 6177 ft.
  • Min Elevation = 5761 ft.

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totally agree, not technical at all but having tons of trails with only a few minute ride on pavement from my door is sweet.

i really suggest riding the dirty bismark clockwise so you get two of the flowy singletrack sections on a downhill. If you have more time add in the spring brook loop (do that one counter clockwise) crossing 93 at the end of marshall mesa.

if you are using strava.com - i added a segment for doing the whole loop clockwise from superior, and there is also a segment on the big climb at mccaslin. I was KOM on that one for all of 3 hours this week. sigh....

Dirty Morgul Trails

The trails in this specific area are great. A nice mix of single track, double track, rocks etc. Today at lunch I road from the new trailhead at Colton and McCaslin and road the Colton trail and High Plains to Hwy 93 and back.

We really need some more trails like the High Plains trail!