Bike Ride - Boulder to Jamestown

You can't find a road in Boulder with more riders per mile than this one on a Saturday morning. This ride follows a creek bed for 8 miles so the grade is never really that intense and given the popularity of this route the road has a kind shoulder for those who want to move away from traffic. Many cyclist start in Boulder but some choose to park at the base of the climb right next to Hwy 36. After 5 miles on the road you will see left turn, if you are felling strong that day and don't need to get home to relive the spouse then turn left and ride another 10 miles to the alternative town of Ward, otherwise the majority of the riders stick to the right and 3 miles later you will enter the town of Jamestown. WARNING, stop at the stop sign in town, cops DO give tickets often to cyclist not stopping at that sign. In the town you can stop off a the general store/restaurant for supplies or for breakfast (common by locals). There is also water jugs provided for the cyclist. DO NOT use mother nature as your bathroom, that is a very easy way to get your baptism annulled and go straight to hell or bad karma your way.

- Difficulty:
- From Hwy 36 and Left Hand Canyon to the stop sign in Jamestown
- Watch the ride in action
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Jamestown TT

I have an athlete I coach always asking me to do the Jamestown TT for time and so finally I did it this afternoon. I'm a triathlete and was riding my TT bike with Zipp 404 Carbon clinchers, so I had a pretty fast setup and had the advantage of going aero when there were stronger headwinds or a slight let down in gradient. so i don't know if my time counts because i was not on a road bike, but wanted to submit just for fun.

from Hwy 36/Left Hand intersection to the Stop Sign (still came to complete stop) at Jamestown, I did 27:19. winds were variable but mostly from the S about 15 - 20mph, as I was riding on Hwy 36. I did the climb around 4:15 pm this afternoon (4/09/11).

I usually train with a PowerTap powermeter but did not today since I just got my 404 carbon clinchers and wanted to ride them for fun. If I had to guess at average power, was probably ~340 PowerTap watts, and I weight ~150 lbs.

I might try again another day on my road bike to see which is faster for a TT climb of ~4-5%, out of curiosity.

I enjoyed browsing your site and thanks for posting info like this -- kinda fun to compare the local climbs. Gives me a little extra motivation on my hard days :-)


Kirk Nelson
Professional Triathlete, Long Course Specialist
c: (303) 709-4899

jamestown granola bar :)

I have started to come to Colorado on business. I am from Pennsylvania. The last time I was out, I rented a road bike and had a great ride up over super james. It is a long climb. The scenery is just awesome. We have lots of mountains here in Central PA but not anything like Colorado. You all are so lucky. I also stopped at the Jamestown mercantile and purchased their home-made organic granola bars. There were AWESOME! Best I ever ate!

If I lived out there I would go up and buy a bunch from them each month. However, living in PA I can not. Does anyone know what kind of peanut butter and honey they use for their bars and would be willing to share? I would like to try and make a couple.