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303Cycling.com is the premier online news source for all cycling related news in Colorado.

In our 5 years we have unified the Colorado cycling community by providing not only news but EVERYTHING ELSE. We provide the most extensive cycling calendar, interviews with key figures, honest product reviews, racing/training tips from local coaches, and photos/videos showcasing Colorado's phenomenal cycling events. All of this with a witty twist and audience interaction. From advocacy to racing, we appeal to everyone who loves being on two wheels.

Our Mission

Our mission at 303Cycling is to provide one of the largest cycling markets in the country with an online community where all cycling information can be discovered. A unified and informed community is stronger and more active.

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Tap into the value of reaching our growing audience of more than 600,000 annual visitors from Colorado and across the nation. We are 303Cycling, but we reach far beyond the area code.

Story, Article, Letter, & Opinion Submission Guidelines for 303cycling & 303Triathlon:
-All submissions should be approximately 750 words or less. (If your story is longer, please edit and summarize; if desired, provide link to full story housed on a blog site or other url.)
-All submissions must include author's full name. (If the article is written on behalf of a group or organization, the official name of that group must be included, plus a link to an active website or mailing address for the organization.)
-It is recommended at least two photos be included with each submission. Photos must be original with no copyrights, must be less than 1mb in size, and submitted in .jpg or .png format.
-303 reserves the right to delete slanderous or distasteful comments at the discretion of the editor. Additionally, 303 reserves the right to disable the comments section on any story.
-If a controversial subject is or topic is covered, 303 reserves the right to allow equal coverage for opposing views.

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Pricing Structure

303 Advertisement Packages

We have 4 general packages for advertising that you can select from (from there, we can mix and match as needed/to fit your budget). Your selection definitely depends on your desired market saturation and the length of your campaign.

  • High Market Saturation ~ $800+

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  • In-Betweener ~ $300

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  • Keeping it in the small chain ring ~$150

    You're not sure about online marketing, but you'd like to give it a try and see what happens! *

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Advertisement Units

300 x 250, 728 x 90 $7-$10 CPM*
*CPM prices vary per inventory supply and demand.

User Traffic Details

  • 50,000 visitors a month (summer and Cyclo-cross months are a even higher)
  • 125,000 page views
  • 7,000 + Twitter followers
  • 4400 + on Facebook
  • 33% of traffic comes from out of state (ranked in order): CA, TX, NY, IL, WA, FL, OR
  • Top CO cities (in order): Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Golden, Longmont

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