What is your biggest barrier to bicycle commuting?


Multiple stops

Commuting by bike is mostly hampered by having to drop the kids off / pick them up, with strict deadlines on either end. Foul weather, added effort of towing the trailer, storing the trailer, makes for too much work. As lazy as that may sound, it's true.

I feel ya

Today is one of those days when I have a meeting 12 miles away. It helps to add a bus trip, so I'm cutting 8 of those miles off by bus turning it into a very manageable 4 mile ride to my mid-afternoon meeting. Then I'll change and ride my bike back to the office for my end of the day meeting with Bicycle Aurora, so they don't care that I'm sweaty ;). I've had a road bike stolen off the front of the bus before so now I just lock the wheel up and pay close attention, sit or stand near the front of the bus. When the R and G lines come online I'll be able to take a train and/or bus almost everywhere in the metro area without it costing too much time, plus no driving stress and I still get to ride my bike on gorgeous days like today!