Hwy 36 - Lefthand Canyon - Olde Stage Road - Wagon Wheel Gap

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Follow the directions of the Olde Stage description but once you pass through the stop sign at Olde Stage and Lee Hill look for a sharp right hand turn onto Wagon Wheel Gap.

Ascend up Wagon Wheel Gap for maybe a mile or so and you will take a left hand turn on to Bow Mountion Rd. The road is dirt but its in great shape. Some of the sections are rather steep and a little bit loose so choose your line especially in the corners.

Once you are at the top you can descend back down Linden to Boulder.

- Difficulty:
- 17 miles
- 1750 feet of climbing
- Most of the climbing is gradual except for the last .25 of Olde Stage and sections of Bow Mountain.
- Bow Mountain is a dirt road to the top (Easily done on a road bike).

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I did this ride from the

I did this ride from the opposite side (going up Linden Dr.) on my road bike this past weekend. I descended down Bow Mountain to Wagon Wheel Gap. As stated, certain sections are steep and the road is hard-packed dirt near the top, but there was a LOT of loose gravel/rocks on the dirt section. This the first time I've been on that road, so I'm not sure if the loose gravel stays into the summer/fall or if cars move the gravel/rock off to the side.