Prairie Vista - Springbrook Loop

This is a great mountain bike ride when you dont have alot of time but it can also be extended by crossing Hwy 93 and doing the Dirty Bismark. There is plenty of parking at the Flatirons Vista Trailhead and this is where the ride will start.

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From the trailhead you have a few options but my favorite trail is the Prairie Vista. The trail goes between the Flatirons Vista South and Flatirons Vista North. Take the Prairie Vista Trial west and it will intersect with the Flatirons Vista South. Take this trail west. It is kinda rocky but will become smoother as you head west and north. The trail bends and you will be heading north.

You will come to a trail intersection of Flatirons Vista South, North and Dowdy Draw. Go through the gate and head south west on the Dowdy Draw. After a little bit the trail will switch back to the right and you descend a nice downhill.

Eventually you will come to the Dowdy Draw / Springbrook intersection. Go left. After about a quarter of a mile you will come to the Springbrook loop. Head left or right and do the loop. I love this loop. Its not that long but the terrain is great. Rocky in spots, twisty, some climbing and descending. Once you complete the loop retrace your steps back to the trailhead.

Total distance: 9.9 mi
Elevation gain: 1106 ft

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