303Radio: Haute Route Rockies

This series of European-style stage races is coming to the U.S., and the Colorado Rockies will host the first event in 2017.

This past week a select group of a dozen pre-rode the stages to work out logistics like feed zones, traffic, and the best "breath-taking" routes.

Featured here on 303Radio, Road Bike Action Magazine Editor Neil Shirley checks in after day 3 of the Rocky Mountain Haute Route test ride. The first stage is in Boulder, and the entire route will be announced next month.

This sounds like an amazing event so be sure to check this out! The ride will be capped at around 500 - Register HERE.

Also, check out the FACEBOOK PAGE.

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1% ers

So, $2400 for a week of riding in Colorado. How many of us "real" riders are going to be doing this, unless we're sponsored by some publication (Spencer Powlison, Neil Shirley)? Only the 1%ers from out of town or the local internet millionaires will be on this ride. Don't kid yourself, no one on this forum will be able to partake.

Drop your little petty

Drop your little petty jealous whine about the 1%ers ans get out there and make more money. Nobody likes a bragger, especially some sorry sack who brags about being a loser. I will take my inherited riches to this event and spit upon you lesser beings. Vive le riche!

Just like plenty of Americans

Just like plenty of Americans go to Europe to do the Haute Route rides there, I bet there will be plenty of Europeans who will come to CO to do the ride here. Lots of locals do those rides in Europe, and I imagine there will be plenty of folks from throughout the good ol' USA who will do the Haute Route Rockies

You just keep on hatin' (or feeling the Bern, if that's what you prefer to call it)

What about me???

You forgot me you loser. In other news: I hope this tour sells out and makes a sh!tpile of money. Yeah, it would be dumb for a local to pay $$ to ride any of these roads but plenty do for the TBP, RTR, Copper, etc.

Agree, not sure why the

Agree, not sure why the person above thinks it will be a flop. There is a decent movie on you tube about the Haute Route that has a quote from a guy who says "my wife said we could go sit on the beach in Canun or I could come ride the Dolomites..." Maybe the poster above would sit on the beach but that gets a bit boring after a few hours.