2015 - SOCO Castle Rock - BRAC CX Championships


Photo: Mary Topping

More from ProVelo Passion and Mary Topping on Day 2 of the SoCo Champs Sunday:

Twas the weekend of States
and down in the Rock,
a snowstorm was brewing,
and the temperature it dropped...

The race announcer called the elite men to staging and then it hit – a persistent, charging wall of white-gray north wind carrying icy bits of snow. Hands would go numb, off-camber slopes turn glacial, and Yannick Eckmann (Maxxis Shimano Cyclocross Team) would ride away in a league of his own to win his third Colorado elite cyclocross championship.

Not an hour earlier the pre-storm mud and chill crooked their mean fingers at several women elite athletes. CrossVegas open race winner Caitlyn Vestal (Feedback Sports) fought cranky shifting. Katie Clouse (Alpha Bicycle Company – Vista Subaru), the junior phenom local cat 1,2’s view as a colleague and a rival, would crash on a descent and then claw her way through the field only to have to run to the pit for a new bike after a mechanical. Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team), however, drew the long straw. She tamed every challenge and went home with Colorado elite cyclocross title number two – but not before a frosty podium re-do that ensured all top five women a moment to celebrate...

Read the full article and view Mary Topping's photos HERE.

Some sweet video by Mary Topping:

Photos Day 1
- SportifImages
- JM Flora
- Mountain Moon
- Brent Murphy
- Ryan Muncy

Photos Day 2
- Sportshutter
- Mountain Moon
- Ryan Muncy
- Brent Murphy

Colorado State Championships Cyclo-cross 2-Day Event
"An amazing Colorado course! Flowing, wide course, allowing for plenty of passing and multiple lines. Classic run- up, barrier section, and punishing grass section. Technical off camber descents, and power sections guaranteed to challenge every level of rider."



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Saturday, December 19, 2015
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Absolutely stellar way to close out the CO Cx season! A HUGE thanks to John Haley, his mighty crew, Larry Grossman and Mother Nature for giving us a weekend to remember! *Also thanks to Aaron Zoerner, Mike Schaub, and Jesse Swift for the intel! :)

heaven forbid a race outside

heaven forbid a race outside of the 25 mile Boulder radius Fred, difficult for us who live south of Denver to get enough racers to even justify a race, hopefully they will keep it there, and cycling races down south can grow,( or as you refer to it BFE) no matter what the discipline.

You missed the point

Fred makes a valid point, for anyone who wants to purely spectate the event, it's not in a great location. Part of the reason having races in the Denver/Boulder area is nice is because you can draw people to actually watch. That said, it's one of my favorite venues and I hope we continue to race on it twice a year (wet and dry).

We have to at least try to

We have to at least try to grow the sport out of Boulder don"t we? Having state championships race there gives the opportunity to do that, whether that happens or not remains to be seen. Kudos for having it south of Denver, if the spectators don't show up, guess you can put in back in Boulder where you can spectate. What is the harm of trying, think I've even read on BRAC a desire to grow cycling down south, geez.

There is another BikeJerk

There is another BikeJerk using the Bike Jerk name. You can tell from the lame non-jerkiness of its posts. Such as whining about cost of racing. This bike jerk has a real job and can afford it. Also about CX results postings. I think it has been declared enough that the real Bike Jerk thinks that cross is just retarded mountain biking for wankers. Can only imagine who would want to copy the original. Probably someone on the BRAC Board.


Non-racer/Non-racer family spectators don't exist so there isn't any need to worry about it.
US Open proves that. That race is in Boulder, in a bike park specifically for that kind of event.
A weekend bike, local bike race has less appeal to non-racers than some softball game.

Speakin' the truf:

Ladies and Gentlemen, hear this: People don't want to come watch you ride your bikes around a muddy field for 40-60 minutes. Even if you are really, really really good at it(as in it is your "job"). If they are related to you or also do the sport, maybe, but the idea that there is some sort of fan base for recreational cycling (including the recreational division that is called "pro") is delusional. It's cross, it's super fun, but there is NEVER going to be any sort of revenue model for admission. Show up and race, have a beer after and go home. Don't cry about having to drive an extra 30 minutes a couple times per year for the races south of Denver. We've got it so insanely good with the CX scene on the front range, be grateful you little brats.

Most CX dorks would be lucky

Most CX dorks would be lucky to not have their loved ones show up to watch. Do you really want them gathering empirical evidence that you may be a tool? Let them go do something fun while you're pissing away your weekend on a 30 minute race that takes hours out of your day.


I pulled the attendance yesterday as I was curious. Here they are if you're interested.

Day 1 421
Day 2 215
Total 641

Day 1 275
Day 2 212
Total 506

34% decrease for Day 1 this year
Flat for day 2 this year
21% decrease in attendance overall this year

Weather related. Day 1 last year was dry, Day 2 was icy and snowing. Both days this year were difficult conditions.

C'mon, Frank... everyone

C'mon, Frank... everyone knows 'cross season, like 'cross racing age, is a year ahead.

FWIW, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to walk around the pit area or along the course and see that folks are there as either family of racers or are racers themselves who have either raced already or are going to race soon. If you really wanted to poll everyone, it would be pretty simple. It's not like there was a bunch of people there.


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